Intelligent Gun Safety Systems

a safety feature that allows it to fire only when activated by an authorized user

Intelligent mechatronic systems

No gun cabinet, armory, trigger lock or mechanical assembly can do this: secure a gun with absolute reliability anytime, anywhere, for any reason and in next to no time. Only Quicklock from Armatix can, the first mechatronic gun safety mechanism since the creation of firearms.

The aptly named "Blocking Device" serves as the basis for all retrofit‐friendly locking systems from Armatix. The mechatronic assembly is made up of high-precision mechanical components and an electronic controller. The size of the blocking device corresponds exactly to the caliber of the weapon it is to secure.


The element is inserted into the barrel of the gun and slight pressure is applied to automatically block without any further action needed in the cartridge chamber.

The process is completed within fractions of a second and is irreversible without the appropriate authorization. The gun is secured in the gun itself. Using this type of safety mechanism, weapons can be stored or transported together with the ammunition ‐ it is impossible to load a cartridge in this secure state!


With an Armatix blocking device in the cartridge chamber, the gun is more effectively protected against misuse than in the gun cabinet. Nothing and no one can remove the blocking device from the cartridge chamber ever again ‐ any attempt involving force would destroy the barrel of the gun. Authorized users must first authenticate themselves via a digital key to remove the blocking device, e.g. by entering a programmable PIN or by means of an electronically stored fingerprint.



After the authorized person enters the release PIN, the digital key and the blocking device exchange encrypted data. All in all, releasing the safety mechanism takes only slightly longer than securing the weapon. Top‐grade safety is this fast and easy! 

Quicklock: The first mechatronic gun safety The new multi-gun safety storage device

Quicklock secures almost all conventional handguns, revolvers and rifles at home, at police stations, in barracks, at a security headquarters, at firing ranges or during transportation. Arms secured using Quicklock are regarded as so safe that shipping and storing guns together with their ammunition is basically unobjectionable. Nevertheless, regional regulations and laws must be observed in all cases. 

Quicklock consists of two components: a mechatronic blocking device and a digital key.



The blocking device sized to correspond to the caliber is manually inserted into the cartridge chamber. The application of slight pressure causes it to lock automatically and in this way secures the weapon from within. To release the mechanism, a link is established between the digital key and the blocking device. After authorization using a PIN code or fingerprint, the digital key transmits the release data to the blocking device. It is then possible to remove the device from the gun without any trouble. The locking and release process takes only fractions of a second.  Armatix blocking devices are available for all calibers conventionally available on the market. 


You may view the various locking elements and devices by clicking here.



The Armatix Baselock makes firearms more secure by locking and releasing individual guns in seconds. The technology makes it possible to combine guns with different calibers in one Baselock module group. Depending on the requirements, the holders can be mounted on a table, wall or floor in buildings, cars or special purpose vehicles of all kinds.

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The Armatix Baselock technology makes it possible to combine guns with different calibers in one Baselock module group.
It is possible to secure guns with loaded magazines. In the case of an incident, the guns are released within seconds, the ammunition chambered and the guns are ready for use immediately.

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The intelligent stationary system secures all short guns ‐ including their magazines ‐ and connects them to centralized monitoring processes upon request.

Networked system offers an opportunity to control centralized authorizations and gun releases as the entire stock of arms can be removed following centralized or decentralized release using a group code. Every gun is secured individually.

Individual removal is only possible after entry of a unique PIN code or via fingerprint or contactless transponder activation.


The iP1 Basic is the world's first digital pistol, a semi-automatic, single action/double action .22 caliber pistol, the iP1 Basic integrates electronic safety features into an expertly designed firearm. This allows the firearm to detect when the ammunition cartridge is disengaged. Once disengaged, the gun cannot fire ‐ even when there is a bullet still in the chamber.

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Smart System consists of a radio-controlled watch that is responsible for gun access and use.
A Smart System gun will only shoot if it is within range of this watch. As soon as the gun loses radio contact with the watch ‐ e.g. if it is knocked out of the shooter's hand or in case of loss, theft, etc. ‐ it automatically deactivates itself.

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The gun only functions if you are recognized and on target.
Sensors behind the targets sync with the firearm in the shooter's hands and if you are aiming away from the target area, the pistol is immediately deactivated.
No chance of misuse against people or objects around you.

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