Intelligent Gun Safety Systems

a safety feature that allows it to fire only when activated by an authorized user

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Armatix envisions a world in which the tragedy of accidental firearm deaths is a thing of the past. Our Smart System consists of a radio-controlled watch that is responsible for gun access and use. A Smart System gun will only shoot if it is within range of this watch. It is possible to release the safety mechanism via the radiocontrolled watch activated by means of a PIN code. As soon as the gun loses radio contact with the watch ‐ e.g. if it is knocked out of the shooter's hand or in case of loss, theft, etc. ‐ it automatically deactivates itself. Mechatronics allows weapons and weapon systems to be networked with computers.

Smart systems are the future of firearm safety.



the Quicklock (mechatronic blocking device) is manually inserted into the cartridge chamber and secures the weapon from within.


Smart System consists of a radio-controlled watch that is responsible for gun access and use. A Smart System gun will only shoot if it is within range of this watch.


The electronic key is used to lock/ unlock the Quicklock. Authentication is via PIN code or biometric fingerprint technology.


The Armatix Baselock secures firearms by locking and releasing individual guns in seconds.


The Armatix Baselock technology makes it possible to combine guns with different calibers in one Baselock module group.


Sensors behind the targets sync with the firearm in the shooter's hands and if you are aiming away from the target area, the pistol is immediately deactivated.


Armatix is a spin-off of SimonsVoss Technologies AG. The innovation leader for radio-controlled, wireless locking and access control systems was already investing in the transfer of its know-how at the start of the new millennium with this goal: intelligent gun safety systems. In taking this step ten years ago, SimonsVoss laid the cornerstone for the groundbreaking technologies from Armatix. The spin-off has been managed as an independent limited liability company since 2004.


More than 30 employees work at advancing gun safety at the sites in Munich (headquarters) and Petersberg (productions and logistics). The results are impressive: for Armatix Trustlock blocking devices, certifications have been granted for more than 50 caliber by the Physikalisch‐Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) [the German national metrology institute providing scientific and technical measuring services] in accordance with the German Arms Act (Weapons Act) [German law governing weapons].


17 patent families underscore the high level of innovation inherent in our products. Armatix solutions make it possible to lock and release the lock mechanism of firearms within seconds. Safe gun use thus reaches a level that was still unconceivable a few years ago. Mechatronic blocking devices with various digital or biometric authentication options serve as a basis


Armatix envisions a world in which the tragedy of accidental firearm deaths is a thing of the past.
We're helping create it by offering some of the most advanced firearm security features available anywhere. We believe that personalization technology, which prevents an unauthorized user from operating the firearm, is the answer to this important challenge‐and we've been developing it for 15 years.

Smart systems are the future of firearm safety.


As the user of a gun, whether you are a hunter, a sports marksman, or in police, security or military service, you will understand the responsibility associated with owning a gun. Safe, responsible handling in compliance with the law is the top priority. Conventional safety solutions, however, are often inadequate. There is always a risk that a gun can fall into the wrong hands as soon as it is removed from the gun safe ‐ whether to take it along on a hunting trip or vacation, or to simply transport it to another location.
Accidents and tragic incidents occur over and over again with fatal consequences. Children and adolescents in particular are often unable to fully appreciate the risks that are associated with guns. Digital and biometric authentication technology has now become part of our everyday lives ‐ and it is high time that we use this technology to make guns more secure. Ever since Armatix was founded, the company has focused on the development and market introduction of highly innovative gun safety technology. Today, guns can be rendered secure within seconds to ensure that they will not be misused.


The day-to-day use of handguns is a matter of course for millions of people today as never before in history. The time has come for Armatix. This pioneer in the field of gun safety is the first and only solution provider worldwide with state-of-the-art technology.


In practically all aspects of life ‐ in, for example, entertainment electronics, automotive and medical technology, telecommunications and machine control ‐ the very latest electronics ensure the utmost in safety and user benefits. Only in the case of handguns are safety systems still in use today that date back to before the invention of the lightbulb.

Armatix shifts the issue of gun safety to the 21st century. The company, headquartered in Unterföhring near Munich, combines the know-how of SimonsVoss, the European market leader in the sector of electronic lock systems with the experience of using these systems to secure handguns.


Intelligent mechatronic systems for securing short and long barreled weapons, individually and collectively. What these systems all have in common is the authentication of the authorized user via PIN code, biometric pattern or transponder. The future is here!


It is said that mechanical innovation in revolvers, handguns and rifles has been all but exhausted, and this has been the case for decades now. Any progress will and can only be electronic in nature. In this regard, Armatix is at the pinnacle of a development that will revolutionize how people use guns.
There is hardly a global mass-produced product in existence today that does not rely on smart electronics. From electric kitchen appliances and on-board computers in our cars all the way to digital cameras ‐ the world today has gone entirely digital. Semiconductor technology is about to cause the fall of the last analog bastion: the book. In ten years, people will be reading most books, newspapers and magazines using multimedia readers connected to the Internet.
With stocks currently numbering 650 million, handguns definitely belong to the mass-produced product sector. There is no doubt that smart electronics will go on to conquer this sector. Legislators in many countries are working on binding provisions to pave the way for new technologies. Armatix's mechatronic solutions for securing handguns, revolvers and rifles are already charting the course that the entire industry will follow in the years to come. The advantages in terms of safeguarding shooters and their environment are much too obvious to be disregarded on a wider front in the near future.
In addition to safety, however, it is primarily the increase in efficiency that is making weapons with integrated electronics attractive to their owners and leaders. Once equipped with chip-based intelligence, weapons and weapon systems can be networked with computers. In this way, it will be possible to log the use of arms and ammunition in detail, flexibly control this use, and evaluate it in multiple dimensions. One glance at Baselock, Quicklock and Smart System from Armatix makes it clear today what guns and gun safety will look like tomorrow. And what's more: the future of the weapon is already a reality at Armatix.